Releasing Stress and Reorienting Towards the Center

Once in a while, everybody experiences a moment in which they find themselves in a state of deep relaxation, peacefulness and consciousness. The daily worries are gone, the mind is clear and focused and they are one with the moment. That is the essence of meditation.

People who meditate regularly tend to be happier, healthier and live longer.  Meditation helps reduce stress, helps the body repair itself, regulates mood, increases energy, and improves sleep. It's a way to quiet the mind from incessant thoughts and begin to experience a sense of self that goes beyond fleeting emotions and life's circumstances.

These meditation practices have tangible benefits that make them immediately rewarding- they reduce anxiety and depression, boost creativity, and provide deeper meaning to life. Learn More…

Meditation Practices

sweet silence

Loving Kindness Meditation Practice - stay positive towards yourself and others.  This meditation will help to keep you calm in difficult situations and help to dissolve anger and bitterness from the past. (Watch New Video)



Body Scan Meditation Practice - learn to identify what you are feeling and where you're feeling it, and learn to release the stress in your body and mind. (Watch New Video)


Mudra hands

Breath Counting Meditation - clear your head and reduce stress and tension. (Watch Video)



Meditating girl sepia

Mindful Meditation Practice - focus on the present moment; deepen your awareness of your thoughts and emotions without judging yourself. (Watch Video)



RocksinsandSo-Hum Mantra Meditation Practice - quiet your mind and relax your body. This meditation will help take your awareness from a state of constriction to a state of expanded consciousness. (Watch Video)



Heidi pose button

Signature Daily Mindful Practice Meditation Section - combines simple stretching, yoga, breathing exercises and meditation as a means of connecting breath, movement and consciousness. This connection enables a relaxation of the body and calming of the mind.


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