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Food Articles Q1 2012(3)

“Ultimate” Get-Slim Guide

Mar 8, 2012

25 tips, tricks and foods to help you shed pounds easily and healthfully. 1. Define Your Goal. 2. Use Little Plates. 3. Set A Date. 4. Make Your Dinner Plate Like This: 1/2 colorful mix of veggies; 1/4 whole grains; 1/4 lean protein. 5. Visual Portion Sizes: 1 tsp = tip of your thumb (to the middle joint); 1 Tbsp = your whole thumb; 1 cup = your fist; 3 ounces of meat = palm of your hand 6. Breakfast Is Vital! 7. Eat Soup. 8. Snacks = Protein and Fiber. 9. Ditch Top Buns. 10. Allow Small Treats Each Day. 11. Count Calories. 12. Post A Picture. Use pictures for motivation and post them anywhere you can 13. Get Eight Hours of Sleep. 14. Use a BIG Fork. 15. Pick A Prize. 16. Portion-Control Your Lunch. 17. Weigh In and Log Progress. 18. 30 Minutes Per Day. Running, swimming, or biking should consume at least 30 minutes of your day…every day. 19. Make A Bet. Set a goal, appoint a friend to keep you accountable, and wager money (optional) for charity to meet that goal. 20. Drink Water. 21. Back On Track, Stat. Repeat this mantra if you slip up. 22. Eat Yogurt. 23. Move, Move, Move. Incidental exercise significantly increases calorie burn. 24. Take EatingWell’s 28-Day Challenge. 25. Make A Plan. They provide a 1,500 calorie/day meal plan

Source: Eating Well Magazine

How to Eat Mindfully

How to Eat Mindfully

Mar 5, 2012

Learn to appreciate every bite! By encouraging you to let go of stressors and enjoy the food you're eating, mindfulness can help you make the most of your food choices, paving the way for truly appreciating and savoring them. Article provides tips for how to start eating more mindfully – here is a quick look: 1. Inhale and exhale 2. Give thanks 3. All food is good.
 4. Replay frustrating situations.
 5. Enjoy what's on your plate

Source: Cooking Light

Teaching Children to Love Healthy Food

Jan 4, 2012

Chicken fingers. No one — no chef and no parent — wants to raise a child who eats only chicken fingers. Or only white bread, or pasta-with-butter-and-nothing-else. The question of how to raise that highly desirable child-who-eats-everything instead is one many first-time parents grapple with, and the art director and author Fanae Aaron was one such parent. The result was “What Chefs Feed Their Kids,” a book that offers advice from chefs seeking to cultivate a love of good food in their children from infancy (fresh pea and spinach purée) to teen (Goan shrimp curry).

Source: New York Times